December 2020


Dear Members,


Warmest greetings and hope you and all at home are keeping well and safe.

Following our recent Annual General Meeting which was held on 2-Oct-2020, I have the great honour and privilege to assume the Chairmanship of the Alumni Association-Southern Branch; taking over from Dr. Lai Jiunn Herng, under whose leadership, the Southern Branch hosted a very successful and memorable Reunion in November 2019 before COVID-19 hit. His EXCO continued to soldier on to ensure that Alumni operated safely and viably despite the pandemic and Circuit Breaker restrictions.

The newly elected 2020/21 EXCO is featured in the Meet Our Family page. The team comprises a diverse mix of professionals who will be working with you and for you at the Alumni in conjunction with our veteran team of secretariat led by Adeline.

As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers on and many countries in the world, both developing and advanced economies notwithstanding, are still experiencing second or even third wave of outbreak. Although Singapore has fared very well and with incredibly low fatality rate despite the high number of confirmed cases; this is a testament of the highly effective and sound public health policy, and pragmatic intervention by our highly skilled healthcare team and frontline staff. In the months ahead, we hope the restrictions imposed so far on social, economic and other normal daily activities will be eased progressively, allowing recovery and normality to return in earnest!

Meanwhile, the new EXCO team members have started focusing and working on few key priorities.

  1. Members’ Activities and Benefits

    • We have re-opened the Mahjong room

    • Planning is afoot to resume the CME as soon as practicable.

    • The swimming pool is now open with safe distancing to be observed.

    • We are talking to our sub-tenants, especially the F&B outlets to explore more food choices and hopefully better benefits to members

    • Publicity – we hope to use more electronic means to communicate with our members going forward. So more regular, faster and timely updates can be shared with Members more cost-effectively.

  2. Ensure financial viability of AA-SB

    • With SLA drastically increased the land lease more than 2 years ago, leading to the departure of our sister organisations; revenues for Alumni were adversely affected. Thus in the coming months we need to urgently step up some measures to overcome and tide through this financial hardship.

    • Few of the root causes were listed below and we also welcome Members' ideas or recommendations to address the challenges:

      • second floor space not fully let out, leaving SDA and part of PSS space still not rented.

      • late start of tenancy by Aardvark/CATALYST with about 1 full year of loss income.

      • significant repairs/upgrade to the Club House, especially the toilets and other essential parts of the old building

    • Financial difficulties of our long term tenants, i.e. Ka-Soh and Owl Bar – COVID-19 outbreak has caused quite some hardship to these partners. They have reached out to us and we are working closely with them to put in some plan to help them through this difficult phase together.

  3. Engagement of key stakeholders

    • We have started meeting NUS, SDA and SLA to discuss some collaboration and develop further plans together.

    • More engagement with key government officials are being planned and schedules will be shared when available.

  4. Prepare for lease renewal with SLA

    • Start discussion with SLA for next 3-year’s lease renewal of the Club House.

    • We invite Members or friends with good contact and strategies could reach out to any of the EXCO members to share their thoughts or spare time to work on this project together.

  5. Prepare for the Centennial Celebration in 2023

    • This is a once-in-a-century event and a standing committee is being formed to coordinate this important project

    • We plan to publish a centennial book which shall capture the rich history of Alumni Association

    • The committee will also plan to use this occasion to raise fund for Alumni Association

    • Engagements of relevant stakeholders /partners / donors etc. have to start early so that they can make budget provisions well in advance.


Hope this message provides a bit of insight and updates about the Alumni Association.

I will come back with more update soon.

Meanwhile, as 2020 will come to an end soon. On behalf of EXCO and the Secretariat, we wish you and family a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year 2021.

Kind regards,

Ng Cheng Tiang

Chairman, Alumni Association Southern Branch

N.B. : The office will be closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

6223 4680

2 College Rd, Singapore 169850

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