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On behalf of the Exco, Staff and Members as a whole, we would like to convey our heartiest congratulations to Dr. Oon Chiew Seng - our Past President (1968), Gold Medalist (1989) and Honorary Member (1995) - for being conferred Honorary Doctorate degree by the National University of Singapore on 12 Jan., 2021.

At the age of 104,  Dr Oon's continued support for the cause of the Alumni Association - her relentless commitment to the profession through the generations;  the countless number of patients and their family whose lives and well being have been touched by her kindness, care and generosity; the guidance, leadership and lasting friendship to colleagues who have been fortunate to cross path with her throughout her illustrious professional career, and many more - have been nothing short of an inspiration to all of us.

This recognition is indeed a deserving accolade and an occasion worthy of celebration like no others.


Once again, many congratulations Dr. Oon and Alumni Association is very proud of your achievement!

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